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Black Star Rising

“In order for the people to act they must know.” – Ida B. Wells-Barnett

Black Star Rising is an educational enterprise studying Black history, culture, and anti-racist activation. We design and implement socially-conscious programs that elevate racial literacy and inspire transformation.

Workshops & Development

We transform people and groups through immersive experiences driving productive engagement about race and inequality. We accelerate equity-based initiatives with “solidarity” tools that examine race as a power relation.

Educational Programs

We work with partners to empower students with Black Studies liberation education. We can power your learning management program with knowledge-of-self education strengthening confidence and successful outcomes.

Cultural Consciousness

“I am because we are. We are because I am. May the circle remain unbroken” – is the African American maxim we follow to elevate cultural consciousness as well as solidarity networks.

Racism 101: Understand what 'race' is

Spoiler: It’s Not About Skin Color

  • Explore rigorous definitions of race
  • Examine the origins of racist ideas
  • Build frameworks for more complex analysis

understand what 'black' is

The Power of Identity & Culture

  • Challenge deficit models that frame Blackness as a problem
  • Draw from diverse and rich conceptions of Black culture
  • Explore abundance as a framework

Black Feminism & Liberation

Theories of How We Get Free

  • Considers Black feminist critiques of ‘white’ feminism
  • Introduces radical frameworks for liberation
  • Explore conflict and controversy

Liberation Education

Anti-racist Activation

“Allyship” is not enough. We partner with DEI and community leaders to debunk racial ignorance and address racism as a systemic public health crisis.

Combat Racial Stress

Build Your Armor

  • Study the impact of racism on health & wellness
  • Explore strategies to debunk and minimize the harm
  • Invest in healing & accountability

On PRivilege & POwer

From ‘Allyship’ to Solidarity

  • Unpack white privilege in relation to power and systemic racism
  • Examine critiques of ‘allyship’ as a ‘savior mentality’
  • Shift lens towards ‘solidarity’

intro to black studies

The Politics of Miseducation

  • Introduces transformative concepts in Black Studies
  • Examine education and history as a weapon against racism
  • Includes insight from Black Women & Black Queer Studies

Freedom Future Now

Through community partnership, we’re piloting a new program planned for Fall of 2023 to guide youth through foundational self-knowledge education.

  • Build leadership and cognitive skills grounded in the Black intellectual tradition.
  • Coach and mentor school-age youth on community-based curriculum and STEM+Design (digital, UX, art).
  • Inspire, enlighten and activate equity transformation and innovation in youth.

A Trusted Voice

Black Star Rising is founded by Dr. La TaSha Levy, a Black Studies scholar with more than 25 years of experience teaching Black history and culture to high school and college students.

Contributing author of the award-winning text, Understanding and Teaching the Civil Rights Movement

BA African American and African Studies, Univ. of Virginia;
MA Africana Studies, Cornell University;
PhD African American Studies, Northwestern Univ.

Recently published in The Black Intellectual Tradition: African American Thought in the Twentieth Century

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